Why does my medication give me side effects?

Many Medications

The cold remedy you take makes you sleepy. The antidepressant gives you a headache. The sinus decongestant makes your heart race. Why are side effects … [Read more...]

Seasonal Affective Disorder: Winter Depression

Seasonal Affective Disorder and Light Therapy What is SAD? Incidence of SAD and relation to latitude Theories about how light affects mood and … [Read more...]

Separation Anxiety in Young Chiildren

separation anxiety

Normal anxiety and fear tends to follow a developmental sequence. These tendencies seem to be hard-wired and seem to have a developmental purpose. … [Read more...]

Social Phobia and Shyness

social phobia and shyness

Shyness and Fear of public performance Social phobia is the fear that in certain social situations, one will be criticized or judged negatively. The … [Read more...]

Teens and Sexual Harassment: How to say "no" so he knows you mean it

What is sexual harassment? It can range from a suggestive statement to aggressive sexual assault. In many cases, males are the aggressors, but women … [Read more...]

Postpartum Depression

Postpartum Depression

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Women and ADD

How does attention deficit disorder affect your life? Some women say that they have attention deficit disorder (AD/HD), but others say they are … [Read more...]

Dealing with PMS

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) refers to uncomfortable physical and mental symptoms that occur before the onset of the woman's menstrual period. … [Read more...]

Treating Girls and Women with Attention Deficit Disorder

Treatment should start at the time of diagnosis. The diagnostic evaluation can have a powerful effect on the girl and her family. Sometimes, the … [Read more...]

How to Swallow a Pill

Many children have trouble swallowing pills. There are a variety of reasons for this difficulty. Some children truly do not have the mouth and … [Read more...]

Suicide and the Schools

Recognition and intervention for suicidal students in the school setting According to the Surgeon General, a youth commits suicide every two hours in … [Read more...]

Why do I take so many medications?

Many Medications

When I finished medical school 20 years ago, I rarely saw patients taking 10 different medications... even five was a lot. Now I frequently see … [Read more...]