OK, I Have ADHD, But Does Mom Have It Too?

What is it like to have a parent with AD/HD? In many cases, AD/HD is inherited, so if you have it, some other family members might have it too.

Sometimes, when a son or daughter is diagnosed, the parents start remembering the problems they had when they were growing up. They may realize that they are a lot like you! What is it like to have a parent with AD/HD? I asked one of my adolescent consultants. He said that there are good and bad things about having a parent with AD/HD.

Sometimes, his mother blows up and yells. Then, it can take a while before she cools down and apologizes. Other times it is fun and exciting because she has a lot of energy and thinks up exciting things to do on weekends. It’s nice to have one ADD parent and one “normal” parent. His dad tells her when she gets too mad and vetoes some of her more outrageous ideas. He can go to his mother for some things and his father for others.

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