The Wide Spectrum of Mood Disorders

Spectrum Mood Disorders

The wide variety of emotions, joy, grief and sadness, are an integral part of the rich tapestry of human experience. Without them we would lose part … [Read more...]

The High Cost of ADHD

High Cost of ADHD

A study published in 2001 in JAMA, The Journal of the American Medical Association, indicated that children with AD/HD were more likely to need … [Read more...]

Adult ADD

Adult Attention Deficit Disorder: Diagnosis, Coping and Mastery In the past, Attention Deficit Disorder was believed to be a condition that affected … [Read more...]

ADHD in Adults: It Rarely Travels Alone

Attention Deficit in Adults: It Rarely Travels Alone Adults have lived longer than children, and thus have had more time to develop other psychiatric … [Read more...]

Ritalin Helps…but what about the side effects?

Dealing with Stimulant Side effects The stimulants are often used to treat AD/HD and other conditions. The most common stimulants are methylphenidate … [Read more...]

Grandchildren and ADHD

Grandchildren and adhd

When Your Grandchild Has Attention Deficit Disorder Grandparents have always had an important role in the life of a child or adolescent. When the … [Read more...]