Dealing with Bullies

Kids article on bullying

Bullies are not really brave. Deep inside, they are cowards. However, you do have to be brave to stand up to a bully. There are many types of … [Read more...]

Bullying Throughout The Life Cycle

Bullies are frequently the root of disruption, injury and violence in schools and the workplace. Learn how to change the culture of your organization … [Read more...]

Asperger’s Disorder


Asperger's Disorder is not widely recognized by the public or by health care providers. What does it mean to have Asperger's Disorder? Do they have … [Read more...]

Bullies and how not to be one


Dealing with Bullies and How Not to be One What is a bully? It is someone who takes advantage of another individual that he or she perceives as … [Read more...]

Why Am I In Family Therapy?

why am I in family therapy

Click here for more articles, games and book reviews for children and adolescents interested in understanding mental health issues. Your older … [Read more...]

Is competition motivating or crushing?

When I was in medical school, one of my professors said that you knew that a person had conquered his own narcissistic problems when he could enjoy … [Read more...]

When I worry about Mom or Dad


Sometimes kids and teenagers get depressed, or anxious, but sometimes parents do too. It is confusing when your mother or father starts acting … [Read more...]

Dining Out with The Kids

adhd family

Food and Whine: Dining Out With Your Children Click here for more articles, games and book reviews for children and adolescents interested in … [Read more...]

What Makes a Good Joke?

Fair Humor Did you hear the one about...? Some people tell a joke and everybody laughs. Other jokes go flat or even make people mad. How do you … [Read more...]

OK, I Have ADHD, But Does Mom Have It Too?

What is it like to have a parent with AD/HD? In many cases, AD/HD is inherited, so if you have it, some other family members might have it … [Read more...]

Separation Anxiety in Young Chiildren

separation anxiety

Normal anxiety and fear tends to follow a developmental sequence. These tendencies seem to be hard-wired and seem to have a developmental purpose. … [Read more...]

Social Phobia and Shyness

social phobia and shyness

Shyness and Fear of public performance Social phobia is the fear that in certain social situations, one will be criticized or judged negatively. The … [Read more...]