Is It Still Safe to Give Antidepressants to Children and Adolescents?

Is It still safe to give antidepressants to kids

Or...Can Antidepressants Cause Suicide? Fluoxetine, (Prozac)  was the first SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor)  to be approved in the … [Read more...]



Is It Ready for Prime Time? Methylphenidate absorbed through the skin. In 2006, Shire Pharmaceuticals released Daytrana for the treatment of AD/HD … [Read more...]

Why does my medication give me side effects?

Many Medications

The cold remedy you take makes you sleepy. The antidepressant gives you a headache. The sinus decongestant makes your heart race. Why are side effects … [Read more...]

Non-Stimulant Medication for Children, Adolescents and Adults with ADHD

60-80% of youth and adults with AD/HD gain significant relief from stimulants. However some individuals require other medications to treat their AD/HD … [Read more...]

Atomoxetine: An Non-Stimulant for AD/HD

Atomoxetine, brand name, Strattera, was approved by the FDA for distribution in November 2002. It became available in US pharmacies in early 2003. … [Read more...]

Adult Depression: Effective Treatments

Depression in Adults: Effective Treatments Introduction Everyone has times they feel sad and don't enjoy life. For some people the emotional pain … [Read more...]

Medication for Children and Adolescents with Psychiatric Disorders


Medication For Children with Psychiatric Disorders It is important for the clinician discuss the initiation of medication versus a specific type of … [Read more...]

Stimulant Medication and AD/HD

What are the Stimulants? When we talk about the use of stimulant medications in psychiatry, we generally are referring to methylphenidate (Ritalin) … [Read more...]

How to Swallow a Pill

Many children have trouble swallowing pills. There are a variety of reasons for this difficulty. Some children truly do not have the mouth and … [Read more...]

Why do I take so many medications?

Many Medications

When I finished medical school 20 years ago, I rarely saw patients taking 10 different medications... even five was a lot. Now I frequently see … [Read more...]

Setting Back the Clock on Dementia

Setting back clock dementia

Maybe it happened when your wife got lost driving to theneighborhood market. Or when your father received a cut-off notice because a utility bill was … [Read more...]