Why Am I In Family Therapy?

why am I in family therapy

Click hereĀ for more articles, games and book reviews for children and adolescents interested in understanding mental health issues. Your older … [Read more...]

Intellectually Gifted Women

gifted women

What Happened to All the Gifted Girls? What happens to intellectually gifted girls when they grow up? Do they go on to have brilliant careers? Do … [Read more...]

Is competition motivating or crushing?

When I was in medical school, one of my professors said that you knew that a person had conquered his own narcissistic problems when he could enjoy … [Read more...]

Diabetes, Depression and Stress

Depression is not generally listed as a complication of diabetes. However, it can be one of the most common and dangerous complications. The rate of … [Read more...]

Dealing with Dementia: Help for relatives, caregivers and friends

Dealing with Dementia

What is Dementia? Dementia is the loss of mental abilities and most commonly occurs late in life. Of all persons over age 65, 5-8% are demented. This … [Read more...]

When I worry about Mom or Dad


Sometimes kids and teenagers get depressed, or anxious, but sometimes parents do too. It is confusing when your mother or father starts acting … [Read more...]



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Depression in Children and Adolescents

childhood depression

Childhood and adolescent depression increased dramatically in the past forty to fifty years. The average age of onset has fallen. During childhood the … [Read more...]

Seasonal Affective Disorder: Winter Depression

Seasonal Affective Disorder and Light Therapy What is SAD? Incidence of SAD and relation to latitude Theories about how light affects mood and … [Read more...]

Non-Stimulant Medication for Children, Adolescents and Adults with ADHD

60-80% of youth and adults with AD/HD gain significant relief from stimulants. However some individuals require other medications to treat their AD/HD … [Read more...]

Mental Illness Can Be a Chronic, Manageable Disorder

Mental Illness chronic disorder

Learning to live with a mental illness is no easy task. Periods of depression make experiencing the depth and breadth of life difficult. Inattention … [Read more...]

Atomoxetine: An Non-Stimulant for AD/HD

Atomoxetine, brand name, Strattera, was approved by the FDA for distribution in November 2002. It became available in US pharmacies in early 2003. … [Read more...]