Scrupulosity and OCD

Religious Obsessions and Compulsions What is Scrupulosity? Religious belief, and membership in a faith community are important factors in the lives … [Read more...]

Medications for Adults with ADHD

It had long appeared that the medication situation for AD/HD was reversed from that of other psychiatric conditions. For other conditions, … [Read more...]

The High Cost of ADHD

High Cost of ADHD

A study published in 2001 in JAMA, The Journal of the American Medical Association, indicated that children with AD/HD were more likely to need … [Read more...]

Girls, Women and Attention Deficit Disorder

Girls & Women with ADHD

Girls and Women are Under Diagnosed The DSM-IV estimates that the ratio of boys with ADHD to girls was 4:1. For those in actual treatment in clinics, … [Read more...]

Gifted Student with ADD

Student with ADHD

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Dining Out with The Kids

adhd family

Food and Whine: Dining Out With Your Children Click here for more articles, games and book reviews for children and adolescents interested in … [Read more...]

What Makes a Good Joke?

Fair Humor Did you hear the one about...? Some people tell a joke and everybody laughs. Other jokes go flat or even make people mad. How do you … [Read more...]

Taking Your ADD To College

Most teens with AD/HD can remember how they struggled to get along in school. You used tutoring, medication, tape recorders, and plain hard work to … [Read more...]

Adult Depression: Effective Treatments

Depression in Adults: Effective Treatments Introduction Everyone has times they feel sad and don't enjoy life. For some people the emotional pain … [Read more...]

Adult ADD

Adult Attention Deficit Disorder: Diagnosis, Coping and Mastery In the past, Attention Deficit Disorder was believed to be a condition that affected … [Read more...]


Agoraphobia is the fear of going out into public places. It can occur with or without panic attacks. Mary's* problems started one day when she was … [Read more...]

Is It Bipolar Disorder or AD/HD?

There is a great deal of controversy about the diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder in Childhood. Sometimes it can be difficult to differentiate AD/HD, … [Read more...]